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ARCA - ARchitettura Comfort Ambiente (“Architecture Comfort Environment”) is the first certification system conceived and created exclusively for buildings whose timber buildings is in timber. As well as the complete house, the service also covers individual wood components such as door and window frames, floors, staircases and roofs.

The project first saw the light in the Trentino Region, and was designed to exploit an innovative and technologically highly developed product, the wooden building, which was able to compete in the fast-growing and expanding sustainable building market.

155 ARCA is built on solid foundations. It is a logical progression from the experience acquired with the SOFIE project.
SOFIE is the seven-storey building which became world-famous for having survived a simulation of the Kobe earthquake (January 1995, 6,500 victims), withstanding seismic tremors of 7.2 on the Richter scale. The test was carried out on the seismic platform at Miki, Japan on 23rd October 2007.

A few months earlier a prototype SOFIE house had succeeded in resisting for over one hour a severe fire test carried out by the Building Research Institute in Tsukuba (Japan).
These were outstanding results, made possible by the use of quality materials and a unique construction technique  known as X-LAM (crossed layers of solid laminated panels), developed and tested by CNR-Ivalsa in conjunction with the Autonomous Province of Trento.

ARCA is a development of  SOFIE, and it is a certification system that is applicable to all types of wooden buildings. The technical regulations do not define  a priori any specific construction procedures (panel or frame, for example), and they do not suggest any hard and fast solutions, but they set precise, codified and measurable quality standards.

And so an open system has been devised in which it is quality, objectively demonstrated by the analysis of design plans, tests on site and tests conducted during construction, that makes the difference.

For information on the Arca project:
Trentino Sviluppo - tel. (+39) 0464.443111

For information on Arca certification:
Distretto Tecnologico Trentino – tel. (+39) 0464.443469