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The advantages of ARCA certification

Certifying buildings is worthwhile because certification guarantees high standards of quality and living comfort. It also offers considerable advantages in financial terms.

Advantages for the client and the purchaser:


  • value of the property: at the evaluation stage certified properties are given a higher value than non-certified properties;
  • lower costs: buildings that have been tested and certified by independent bodies attract lower insurance costs, for the tenant’s fire insurance policy for example;
  • guarantee: the design and the building site of certified buidings are checked by independent bodies in accordance with strict quality criteria, and moreover the completed building is subjected to meticulous testing, such as the blower door test and acoustic tests, and guaranteed.

Advantages for the designer and the builder:

  • rrecognition: ARCA certification offers a distinctive identification mark for quality wooden buildings and provides  a system under which both designers and builders can be ARCA certified;
    quality codification: the Technical Regulations set out the requisites established by the Technical and Scientific Committees for the design and construction of quality wooden buildings, by means of performance criteria that can be measured, tested and compared
    lower costs: ten-year posthumous insurance cover for a certified wooden building costs less than is estimated for a traditional building.