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How to certify a wood building

The certification process is divided into two phases:

  • design
  • construction (building site, including working tests).

The first phase is a review of the design documentation in terms of compliance with the requisites set by the technical regulations in the section  entitled “specifications at the planning stage”. This review is conducted by the Certification Body responsible for that specific timber building. A favourable outcome of the review at the planning stage (i.e. no non-compliance with the prerequisites) is essential in order to move forward with the process, but it in no way guarantees that the certificate will be awarded.

The second phase consists of a review of all that has been done in the section “specifications at the construction stage”. A favourable outcome of the review at the construction stage (i.e. no non-compliance with the prerequisites, and achievement of the minimum score required to obtain certification) and the successful outcome of the prescribed final working tests, mean that the timber building has qualified for ARCA certification in accordance with the final level achieved.
Some of the specifications in the technical regulations require mandatory tests to be conducted on the finished building. Specifically:

  • Acoustic test -> Specification  PT.4 – Sound-proofing.
  • Blower door test -> Specification PT-5 – Air permeability of the building (blower door test). The description of the tests can be found in the specifications in the technical regulations.

In order to obtain ARCA timber building certification there is no requirement for any mandatory system certification and/or accreditation on the builder’s and/or designers’ part, other than what is expressly and precisely required in the individual specifications (e.g.: qualification to manufacture construction products).
The ARCA certificate has a maximum validity of 10 years from the date of issue.

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